Report Card Writing Workshop for HODs with Principal David Gray

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

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Mr Gray opened the workshop by suggesting to Heads of Department and other participants that report cards are perhaps one of the few documents that will be read more than once and by several people (e.g. student, mother, father, grandparents).

He welcomed attendees to ask any preliminary questions which included whether to write in the first or third person and also ensuring the report card formatting can hold all the comments written by teachers. Principal Gray replied saying that third person comments are appropriate and a new upgrade to the report card system is coming online this year, allowing teachers to provide up to 750 characters in the box. Another question was on language and teachers are to write their comments in the language of instruction e.g. English, Arabic, French, Spanish.  

Every report card needs to include:

  • Attitude, Level of Application and Quality of Performance
  • Student Strengths, Indicate Weaknesses
  • How the student can improve in class

Mr Gray demonstrated how to use language to the benefit of the report card, using worthwhile vocabulary where appropriate, as well as correct grammar and punctuation. Teachers are to avoid using jargon e.g. formative assessment. He advised them to use spellcheck and grammar tools if they were unsure at all.

Another important comment was that there is no predetermined need to fill each comment box for every student. Brevity can also be useful as long as teachers completed all the main tasks.

He then invited teachers to undertake an exercise. Participants were to draft a report card based on a proposed student and scenario as a practice example. Volunteers then read out to the participants their drafted report comments on the practice example, with peer-comments well-received and Mr Gray sharing his thoughts also.

A final round Q&A followed with other questions posed and answers given on a variety of report card writing items. The workshop ended with thanks to Principal Gray for this well-delivered and worthwhile event.