Scratch Music Competition

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

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An amazing activity came to an end today! The Scratch Music Competition hosted by the ICT Department and with dozens of students involved coding and creating their own music was finalised at an award ceremony presented by Roger Dagher. It was simply brilliant to see how much the students had learnt during this activity and how they are now able to use the Scratch programming language to code and develop their own songs. Congrats and mabrouk to all students who participated, and in particular to the winners: 1st place Poppy B. and Alexander R., 2nd place Rayan A.B. and 3rd place (two teams) Michelle A.H. and Yendi as well as Kim and Jasmine. As Principal David Gray said during the ceremony, “the world has come a long way since he was 17 and Edinburgh had one computer in the city the size of the BHS Meeting House!” Here’s to all those students who grasped the opportunity to further their skills and knowledge of such an important area of education and life in 2021 and no doubt even more so in the future!