Seniors 2020 Graduation Tree Planting

Friday, 18 September 2020

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By Rudy Z. (Head Boy, 2019-20)

The Judas Tree, scientifically known as Cercis siliquastrum, is truly a guiding symbol of life and our journey at Brummana High School, as the Class of 2020. Planted on September 11, 2020, in close proximity to the ‘Mother Tree’, the Senior’s tree will grasp the Earth and blossom. From dropping its leaves in winter to then profusely displaying its strikingly deep pink color in spring through summer, this tree exemplifies how diverse and striking years ’19 and ’20 have been. Just like the tree’s deciduous nature, renewal and continuity in our lives shall not be impeded by the unfavorable circumstances we are living in. As Seniors, experiencing a global pandemic and living through unprecedented times of political upheaval and instability is definitely not the ideal time to exchange our goodbyes. Yet, I look forward to return one day, look at the mature, sturdy, fully-grown, tree, and realize how much I grew and prospered myself.