Shabab Lab Competition Results

Monday, 19 July 2021

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A group of three students from Grade 10 LP: Carl S., Richard S., and Ryan F., won second place in the Shabab Lab competition. The results were announced on 14 July in an online event. 

Five schools (International College, American Community School Beirut, Brummana High School, Rawdah High School, SSCC Ainnajm Collège des Sœurs des Saints-Cœurs) participated in the completed pilot program “Web for Change” where 125 students created 42 web-based environmental startup projects to help their communities.

The team from BHS who won second place was entitled: Ferpeelizer. The students created a prototype of a device that transforms urine into solid fertilizers used in agriculture. A related website was also created. 

Congratulations to all three students.