Sixth Brummana High School Model United Nations Conference 2021-2022

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

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Dear Delegates and Advisors,   

It is my greatest pleasure to invite you all on behalf of the entire BHSMUN team to the 6th annual Brummana High School Model United Nations conference, also referred to as BHSMUN.   

BHSMUN is a two-day conference taking place on our beautiful campus in Brummana, Mount Lebanon on the 28th and 29th of May 2022. It is open to all delegates from grade 7-12, in-person with 5 unique committees (click HERE):  

United Nations Security Council: Grades 10-12  
United Nations Economic and Social Council: Grades 9-12  
United Nations Astrology Committee: Grade 10-12  
United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development: Grade 10-12  
United Nations High Commission for Human Rights: Grade 7-9  

Thus, our committees entail much debate as they pertain to discussion and resolution writing available for all levels of MUN skill. In addition, they require determination to solve such issues which leads to the introduction of our theme for this year: Resilient Regardless.   

This theme was built around a prevalent matter that Lebanon is going through: the humanitarian, economic, health, and political crisis. Stimulated by corruption and pure inhumanity, MUN is a perfect opportunity to present the resilience us students have shown through such turmoil and is why we encourage a fruitful and inquisitive debate fueled with passion and resilience.  

Hence, the awards per committee are: 

1st place – Secretary General who will receive a certificate and prize.  
2nd place – Diplomacy who will receive a certificate.  
3rd place – Honorable Mention who will receive a certificate. 
Participation Award – a certificate given to all delegates present. 

Payment may be made through cash at our school cashier or transfer by OMT in the name of the advisor to be able to withdraw it. The deadline for payment is May 2nd 2022 which we highly urge you to follow. 

To register your delegates, you may use our registration link to register an approximate number of delegates. Registration in delegates committees will be done at a later stage. The deadline for registering your delegation is April 14 2022.  

I would also like to extend our determination in aiding you through any difficulties your delegation may have and thus present to you our contact information:  

Secretary General – or +961 70 574 592 
Director of Organization – or +961 71 842 840  
Student Leadership Director –   

You may also follow us on our Instagram @bhsmun2022 for any updates.   

On behalf of the BHSMUN’22 team, I very much look forward to meeting you in May.   

Kindest regards,
Secretary General – Stephanie Z.