UK Society of Heads’ 100 Words Competition – BHS Wins!

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

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We are thrilled to announce BHS students Michael A. M. & Celia. V. in Grade 3 and Yasmina B. in Grade 2 are top prize winners in the Society of Heads’ 100 Words international competition. The Society of Heads, a UK organisation representing independent schools in the UK and overseas, was pleased with the phenomenal response from BHS students and hopes that all of our students enjoyed taking part. Well done to all students who participated and a special congrats and mabrouk to our three winners! 

Below are the winning entries:


Michael A. M. – ‘Year 2020’

On a blue afternoon, when the sun was going to meet the moon, pink clouds and red flames burned the heart of Beirut.
The giant of anger scratched my watch at 6:08 PM.
Children stopped playing on the broken glass and lovely pets deserted their homes.
The next day, I sent my prayers to God like hundreds of white flying balloons filling the sky.
I prayed that sad people heal and that altogether can sing again a happy song of love and peace.
We will paint the streets of Beirut with smiley rainbow colors and live happily ever after.


Yasmina B. – ‘I Am Year 2020’

I am a crazy year
I made people laugh and cry
I kept children at home
No schools, classes, or playgrounds
No outings, playdates, or sports club
No kisses no hugs only alcohol to rub
Smiles were hiding behind masks
Everyone busy with online tasks
I taught students how to use teams
Assignments dictation stories and themes
Although I was a crazy year
Fun and joy did not disappear
All the time with mom and dad
This was not something bad
Family time and movie nights
Water balloons and pillow fights  
These were my special highlights
I am year 2020


Celia V. – ‘A Promise To Be Alive’

Fireworks painted the sky,
Red, green shining up high,
Giving a promise to be alive,
The year 2020 has arrived!

Months passed, days felt long,
Lockdown continued, yet we stood strong.
All the things we took for granted,
We realized the little things mattered!

BOOM! In the air, the scene of smoke,
Spinning round in a ghostly stroke,
But this time, the bangs are giving me fright,
They are not the fireworks of that night!

2020 you took my childhood,
But with my country stronger we stood.
We turned a page in world history,
And made it our own victory!


Click HERE to read the winning notification letter from the Society of Heads.