Speech Day 2022

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

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Speech Day 2022 was an exceptional event. It was well attended by students, parents, staff, friends, and a number of local officials.

It was the first full blown graduation we have conducted since 2019 on the Upper School Drive way.  It was a splendid occasion, very well attended by students, staff and parents featuring some outstanding speeches in Arabic, English and French by Christ Yazbek in Arabic,  Kareen Farhat in English and Lea Rita Basbous in French.  The Chairman of Governors, Mr. Antoine Wakim, addressed the audience and the students with  great wisdom.  The Principal gave his report and our guest speaker, David Knox, the Director of the British Council, gave a witty and interesting speech addressed to the 3 constituent bodies attending the ceremony namely students, staff and parents.  Afterwards, in traditional manner, after the awards, school diplomas and special awards had been presented, everyone gathered in the Volleyball court to enjoy a splendid reception provided by our catering staff to whom the Principal is very grateful.  He also expressed his gratitude to everybody involved in making preparations for what is traditionally the end of the school year and an event which means a great deal to our students and to their parents.  Everyone played a role from our cleaners to our industrial workers to our administrative staff to the teaching staff to our Administration and to our Governors.  It was a genuine team effort which reflects our pride in the school and our celebration of students’ success.  It also gives us hope for the future and a reminder that however difficult the times that we are passing through,  there are students to educate who need to go on into the world, well equipped for the challenges which lie ahead.

For event photographs, please visit: https://bit.ly/3Re6aeF

The video of the event was broadcasted live on Facebook and can still be viewed there. It is also available on Youtube: https://youtu.be/uZ7E9jagZ04