Student Return and Reconnecting

Thursday, 22 October 2020

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By Sage Ball

A message for our Staff.

At BHS we always support our students as people. We do this so that we can support them as students.

When we make the hybrid return hybrid the students will be returning to you. They will be physically in the classroom with you for the first time in many months. They will be with each other for the first time in many months. We have been teaching remotely and this has acted as a wonderful bridge.

Our students are aware that they have curriculum to catch up on. They will want to reestablish their understanding of who you are. They will want to know that you are interested in them. They will want to know this when they see you in person.

The following study and chose of ending outlines this concept. Which ending to the following story would you chose? An uncle who had been travelling returned home to visit his family. He had a number of important documents that needed to be read, completed and signed. The uncle had kept in touch with his family by telephone but this was the first time that he had seen them in 8 months. The:

a)       Family sat and spent time with each other, reconnecting, after not seeing each other for 8 months. The Uncle then read, completed and signed the important documents.

b)      Family insisted that the uncle reads, completes and signs the important documents straight away.