Student Workshops

Monday, 22 February 2021

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As part of the ICT department’s objectives for this academic year, surveying was done to identify students’ technical abilities and needs. Following up on the survey findings, during the months of January and February, grade 7, 8, and 9 students attended a series of workshops on OneDrive, Office 365 email, Moodle, and TEAMS. The workshops aimed to enhance students’ skills in creating, planning, collaborating, and communicating. All those skills are crucial to their learning online as well as to their success in their future careers. Workshops were followed by a series of practice and knowledge checks to give students the opportunity to apply what they learned.

“… I discovered that when you email a document from One-Drive, you can control if the recipient can edit the document or not. In my opinion, the three workshops that all the seventh graders attended were very useful and definitely made studying online easier.” (Michelle A.H., grade 7)

“… The support that Ms. Nado, Mr. Roger, and Mr. Charbel have provided allows everyone who attended (the workshops) to develop new skills. The tools help us create, edit, collaborate and share efficiently online and minimize issues such as loss of assignments, inability to meet to collaborate, etc.” (Joey., grade 9)