Support from St. George’s International School, Luxembourg

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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The school is very grateful indeed to once again receive great support from  St. George’s International School in Luxembourg. This spring, the school has pledged to provide BHS with a very large selection of text books for 2021/2022 at their own cost, as well as a renewal of the JSTOR online library subscription. Dr. Christian Barkei, St. George’s Principal, and BHS Principal David Gray have now been communicating for several months having initially connected through the Society of Heads organisation. Dr. Barkei is also proposing to hold fundraising events for BHS including a ‘national hat’ event as well as an online trivia quiz for parents and families after their half-term. This support will provide much needed respite to BHS school families, through the Bursary Fund, with them struggling to meet tuition fee payments currently due to the crippling economic crisis in Lebanon. Who knows what joint educational activities between our two schools may well be possible in the future too but for now Principal Gray said of the relationship and support,   

“We are very fortunate to have such a good friend in St. George’s Luxembourg who would like to support us in our time of need.”