The Emotional Consequences of a Stressful Experience

Monday, 14 December 2020

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Dr. Julia Muir gave a very worthwhile video conference to all BHS Staff on 7 December about the Emotional Consequences of a Stressful Experience. Please see below for the link to the presentation slides. 

The Principal said the following about the conference:”Dr. Muir has a psychotherapeutic approach to managing the aftermath of a stressful experience and has wide ranging experience of doing so in amongst other places including Sri-Lanka after the Tsunami in 2004, and  Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010. I found her to be an interesting, informative and humble speaker who answered a great range of questions thoughtfully and effectively. I am very grateful to Mr Sage Ball, our Vice Principal Pastoral, for inviting her to Brummana High School, albeit online. She hopes to revisit Lebanon, having held sessions after the 4th of August explosion in Beirut, again in May on which occasion I hope we shall be able to encourage her to carry out further workshops if there is a demand for them.”

Her presentation slides for the webinar can be accessed HERE.

For this article, Dr. Muir also kindly shared photos taken during her visit to Beirut in the aftermath of the explosion on August 4th.