BHS Teachers' Association

The New Teachers’ Association Executive Committee

Friday, 31 January 2020

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The new Teachers’ Association Executive Committee won by acclamation and will serve for two years from January 2020. The newly elected members had their first meeting on Friday, 24 January 2020 and divided the responsibilities among each other, after voting, as follows:

  • President: Mouheeb Akl
  • Vice President: Yolland Aswad
  • Treasurer: Asaad Helou
  • Secretary: Liliane Alam
  • Syndicate Representative: Samir Ziadeh
  • Social Activities Coordinators: Gracia Maroun and Lisette El Hajj
  • Other Members: Maya Harfouche and Samir Ayache
  • Admin. Staff Representative: Abdo Trad

They are looking forward to a successful and peaceful year serving their fellow teachers and staff as well as the BHS community.