The Opening of the Math Garden

Friday, 10 November 2023

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Welcome, everyone, to the grand opening of our incredible Math Garden here at school! We are thrilled to bring you this special collaboration between the School’s Botanic Garden and the Primary Section. Our aim is to create a magical space where children can dive into the world of math in a practical and fun way. Here, they can explore and calculate areas and volumes, marvel at the fascinating patterns drawn on the ground, and be amazed by the unique plants shaped like spheres and cones. And that’s not all! We even have a themed climbing wall for our adventurous mathematicians to conquer. Let’s make math come alive in our beautiful Math Garden!

As part of the transformation that is taking place on the school’s campus by converting the whole campus into an amazing botanic garden, a fascinating Math garden was inaugurated for the students of the lower and intermediate sections to enjoy and learn about math’s in a fun and practical manner.he brief ceremony, on Wednesday, 8 November,  was initiated by a word from the school’s principal, Mr. David Gray, in which he emphasized the importance of such initiatives, stating that “The opening of the Mathematical Garden is a significant step in our aim to develop young people’s awareness of the importance of diversities in our environment and sustainability. The children will now study in the great outdoors and begin to see the mathematical patterns in nature which help to explain the beauty and sense of global ecosystems.”

After that, Dr Houssam Shaiban, the school’s botanic garden curator, gave a brief explanation of the Math Garden concept. He described how the idea was developed and turned into a lovely outdoor classroom after being a neglected, inaccessible area for decades.

Finally, the Head of Primary Section, Ms. Satha Abu-Khalil, emphasized the importance of this project as a premium educational tool much needed in today’s screen-conquered world.