Third Meeting of Friends of BHS

Friday, 11 February 2022

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By Sarah Barrett (Convener, Friends of Brummana High School)

Sixteen Friends of Brummana High School met for about and hour and a half last Thursday evening, although not everyone was able to stay for the enitire time.  We started by sharing news of our friendraising and fundraising efforts from various corners the UK and Ireland. It’s heartening to realise that in villages, towns and cities from north, south, east, and west, Friends are doing their

best to raise awareness of the needs of the BHS community and to garner support. 

Simon Manasseh shared a report from David Gray with us: David described the challenges that winter and Covid19 have brought recently, on top of the continuing chaos and hardship in Lebanon.

But remarkably, the hard work, adaptability and dedication of staff has meant education has continued in one form or another; we can only look on from afar, in awe. David also expressed sincere thanks for all the help and enthusiasm of friends around the world; it’s good know that together, we are helping to make a difference.

Fundraising is obviously going to be necessary for the foreseeable future and we have been encouraged to see donations from the UK and Ireland increasing recently; hopefully we are on course to play our part in working towards the school’s aim of raising $500,000 (worldwide) between June 2021 and December 2022.

Donations in our part of the world have so far mainly come from Friends at Quaker meetings, for bursaries. But wider social networks are also playing a part and people are helping generously in other ways, too. Jean Plummer, for example, struggled to enthuse others with the idea of donating until she provided them with the opportunity to buy one of the books that BHS needs: generous help then came thick and fast and even her next door neighbour asked to join in! We are learning and adapting as we go and I hope to share more news of our activities in due course.