School Trustee Delivers PYM Workshop

Thursday, 13 May 2021

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We were thrilled that one of our QuIET Trustees, Mr Tony Manasseh, was invited to present at the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) on Thursday, May 13th. This is always a very large event in the Quaker calendar and having one of our Trustees present is a real honour.

Tony Manasseh was partnered with Leila Barclay for the presentation which lasted over two hours. Mrs Barclay, representing the American University of Beirut, and Mr Manasseh are both PYM and Middle East Collaborative Friends who also both grew up in Lebanon.

The workshop, The Middle East Conflict as a Global Issue of Injustice, was an offering presented during PYM’s Runway to Annual Sessions. 

Over 30 participants attended the online session, many with connections to the Middle East through former diplomatic positions or NGOs. It was a very good presentation overall with a lively discussion at the end of every section. Towards the end, a BHS video clip and photos (historical and current) were projected as Mr Manasseh was describing the extremely challenging situation in Lebanon and at BHS. A call for financial support was made, with donations’ platforms shared with attendees. 

We are very grateful to our Trustee for his great efforts in raising awareness on the school amongst Quakers in the US, both with this presentation along with all of his other significant activities.