US Trip – Wednesday, 26 October

Friday, 28 October 2022

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By David Gray

I had a quiet day for my last day in England and spent most of it trying to pick up books that I had ordered from Waterstones  which were not available there and so had to be found elsewhere.  In addition I took a walk around St. James’s park with my stepdaughter and her husband and pointed out to them some of the sights of London.  Later in the day I had a meeting with a Head hunter with wide experience in Global education matters, explained to him the situation of Brummana today and discussed with him ways in which he might be able to connect me with others who had interest in supporting Brummana High School.  I then attended, with Richard Bampfylde, a dinner in central London with a donor and his wife who are very keen to promote the school and to preserve its future for posterity and in prosperity. We had a long evening together which was very constructive and which I hope will be productive.  I got to bed late and will have a further final meeting at Breakfast with the Headhunter with whom I had met briefly the previous evening, then it will be full speed ahead for Heathrow airport and  return to Brummana, God willing, by the evening.  I wish colleagues a successful day ahead.