Virtual Get Together

Friday, 23 October 2020

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We kicked off the BHS Virtual Get Together series on Thursday, October 22nd and we think it’s fair to say all staff who participated enjoyed a great deal! The concept is to provide an opportunity for staff to take a moment for themselves and each other, enhancing wellbeing during the current challenging time. 15 staff joined together for the first session, led by the Vice Principal Pastoral and Marketing Manager. Teachers from the departments of English, Social Studies, Science and Arts and Craft were all present. The 45-minute session started with a greeting, welcoming all teachers who were able to join. A toast was made (with any drink of choice) and which was then followed by a Scavenger Hunt game. Sage Ball invited participants to quickly locate certain items and display them on their cameras, including something blue and the last book they have read. After this a Pictionary round was held with each teacher able to draw on the shared virtual screen a movie, song or book title of their choosing. With the other participants guessing, and some questionable artistic talents on display, this proved a lot of fun for all! A tally was kept by Richard Bampfylde of the correct guesses and the winner for this VGT session was Lara Feghali – congrats and mabrouk again Lara! She was treated to a ‘Rocky running up the stairs’ video clip as her prize. Finally, it was decided that goodbyes would be with everyone saying goodbye to every single other participant – all at the same time! The VPP and MM have received some very positive comments from teachers and we are looking forward to the next on Thursday, November 5th.  It is hoped that all sections, and both teachers and admin staff, will be covered by the end of the year.