Visit of QuIET Trustees

Monday, 30 January 2023

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Seven Trustees of the Quaker International Educational Trust came to BHS from England for their biannual visit.  For those who are not aware QuIET, as it is known, is a charity that owns the property, campus and buildings of Brummana High School and oversees the governance of the school through the Brummana High School Governing Body. 

On Thursday, 19 January, Principal Gray spent time with the Lower and Upper Primary sections of the school at their respective breaks accompanied by Trustee of QuIET, Will Haire. This was an opportunity for Mr. Haire and the Principal to chat with staff in the Lower School to find out more about what was going on and to speak to individuals whom otherwise the Principal would only see periodically.

On Friday, 20 January, Principal Gray attended and briefly a spoke at and welcomed the QuIET trustees to a reception they were holding for the staff in the Upper School Library. This was well attended and gave an opportunity for the trustees to mix with and talk with staff about their work and about the conditions under which people are working and living now in the country.


In the afternoon, Mr. Gray went to a meeting of the QuIET Fundraising Committee, the first one that was not online. Satisfaction was expressed at the level of funds being raised, the importance of continuing fund raising campaigns and of setting up a development office in due course at the school. This was followed by a further meeting of QuIET in which there was discussion of the uses and potential uses of the Serjbal Land which Mr. Gray felt would be an ideal place for a school outdoor centre to which staff could take students for study weekends or for activities. It also might have potential in the future as an extension of the summer camp amongst other uses suggested.  All of this would depend on the availability of financing and a more stable Lebanon in the meantime.

In the evening, Mr. Gray joined Trustees and Governors for dinner at Mounir which was very pleasant indeed. Plaques were awarded to Tamer Amin and to Antoine Wakim both of whom have completed their terms of service on the Governing body.

On the morning of Saturday, 21 January, the Principal took part in the annual Quaker International Educational Trust Meeting where he presented his report and answered questions on it.  In the evening Trustees of QuIET joined the Principal for some refreshments at his apartment.