Webinar on Dealing with Uncertainties

Thursday, 25 March 2021

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By Betty R., Secondary III SE

Dealing with Uncertainties – A Webinar hosted by the Society of Heads for Senior Prefects in all British schools. 

On Friday the 5th of March I was able to attend the zoom seminar titled: “dealing with uncertainties” as we all know, Lebanon today -like many other countries- is going through a rough patch, whether through the economic crisis, the pandemic, political crisis… The advice given during the seminar was extremely helpful and I am trying to incorporate it into my everyday life, yet two main pieces of advice stuck with me that I would like to share:

1- Time management; by not wasting all our time on one task and forgetting to do the others and making sure we don’t waste our day

2- Compartmentalizing; for example, not studying on our bed but instead on a desk, and trying to keep the two concepts of recreation and education separate during online classes that way we can try to focus as much as possible.

All the advice given was extremely beneficial and really helped me feel like I’m not alone during these hard times and for that I’m extremely thankful!