World Read Aloud Day

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

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We were super excited to welcome some ‘Surprise Readers’ in the Lower Elementary section for World Read Aloud Day.  World Read Aloud Day calls attention to the importance of sharing stories and how reading aloud to each other builds literate communities and families. Celebrated all over the world from North American to Africa, from Europe to Asia, reading aloud with children boosts their love of reading, and promotes empathy and understanding.

This year we invited teachers and staff from all over the school to volunteer their free time to come and read, act or sing stories to Grades 1, 2 and 3. Our surprise readers all selected brilliant stories, some practiced acting out parts of the story, singing and some even donned costumes to catch the children’s attention and make the day so much fun.

BHS children and their teachers were delighted when these friendly faces appeared in their classrooms to demonstrate with their time and energy how important and valuable reading is. Lower Elementary children loved the surprise and many came racing down to the Library at break time to find the stories again and share their excitement. Giving our children a love of books and reading is one of the best ways we can prepare them to lead the way for a prosperous future.

On the same day, February 5th, the Upper Elementary were also happy to mark World Read Aloud Day with several teachers and students reading aloud in their classes, which all the students enjoyed and benefitted from a lot!