Cultural Evening Talks: “How Nature and Science Repeatedly Humbled Humanity” – 21 and 27 March 2024

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Brummana High School is resuming the Cultural Evening Talks in collaboration with Karaz W Laimoon. Please join us to hear Mr. Akram Najjar discuss “How Nature and Science Repeatedly Humbled Humanity”. This topic will be divided into two sessions on 21 and 27 March 2024 and will be held at the Meeting House at 6:00pm. For more information about this event please visit:


A Short Summary:

Humanity faced the Universe since the start of civilization. Slowly, it started understanding how the Universe worked and how we were placed in the Universe. During that 3000 years process, Humanity made 5 major false assumptions that were often “stuck” for a long time.

Over 2 sessions, the Talk will cover the following 5 assumptions and how they were diagnosed and corrected by great scientists. Here are 5 the assumptions:

1) The Earth is at the center of the Universe: geo-centrism
2) The Sun and the Solar System are at the center of the Universe
3) The Milky Way, our galaxy, is at the Center of the Universe and is the Only Galaxy in the Universe
4) Our life as we know it is unique in the Universe and we are alone (Anthropism)
5) The Universe is specifically designed to host humanity (and life as we know it)

Part 1 will cover Assumptions 1 and 2 while Part 2 will present the rest. You do not have to attend Part 1 to enjoy Part 2.