Careers Fair Speakers

Friday, 4 March 2022

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The below email about the Careers Fair speakers was sent to Secondary students:

Dear Secondary Students,

We would cordially like to announce the career orientation day “Meet the Future” on Friday March the 18th, 2022 at Khoury Hall. 

The event will start at 3.30 pm and end around 6.30 pm. 

In the first half of the event, successful “Old BHS Scholars” will share their career path as guest speakers. In the second round, each guest speaker will be escorted to a room in Khoury Hall. You will be visiting and asking direct questions to 3 speakers of your choice. You will stay with each speaker for 15 minutes, and when you hear the bell, you will switch rooms and go to your second choice. After you finalize all 3 visits, you will leave Khoury Hall. 

The Guest Speakers are:

1- Investment, Banking, and Finance

Mr. Nabil Sawabini, CEO MENA Capital SAL – Founder & Chairman of EDF 

2- Clinical Psychology, Individual & Couple Therapy

Mrs. Lucy Mitri, BBA, MA Licensed Clinical Psychologist Individual and Couple Therapist 

3- Film Industry, Media, & Production

Mr. Omar Moujaes, Filmmaker & Theater Director, Graphic Designer, You tube Content Creator, Udemy & LAU Instructor 

4- Architecture

Dr. Karen Bou Jaoude Khoury, Architect,  and Chairperson and Associate Professor at NDU. 

5- Non-Governmental Organizations – Humanitarian Causes in Civil Societies

Mr. Ramzi Hage, NGO Management Expert, Active Voice Director 

6- Medicine


7- Information Technology and Digital Transformation

Mr. Naji Chakhtoura, Entrepreneur Digital Transformation Strategy & Business Development Vice President BHS-OSA  

8- Marketing, Design and Technology

Mr. Firas El Jechy, Marketing & Innovation –  Social Innovation 

Joining this event will enrich your student cv, provide you with clarity and direction. You will also have the opportunity to meet experts in their fields. 

Date of the event: Friday March 18
Location: Khoury Hall 
Time: 3.30 pm till 6.30 pm 

Looking forward to meet you all at Khoury Hall! 


Caline Kouyoumjian

Head of Careers 
Examination Officer
Cambridge International Coordinator
Social Studies Teacher

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