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Monday, 30 March 2020

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The school is continually seeking ways to engage students (and families) in as many creative ways as possible during these unprecedented times we are passing through. Typically, these activities are focused on art, music, drama and sports. The school posted about creating a Makerspace area in homes in order to facilitate the work on many of these challenges. Check back here for future activities, which are usually posted every Monday. 

COVID-19 STUDENT ARTWORK CHALLENGE (Completed) – This challenge saw students from KG1 to G8 submit drawings, paintings or videos via Instagram, with their work based on one fact on the Coronavirus taken from the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Questions & Answers page online

DRAMA CREATIONS – For all age groups, students are invited to submit short videos on Instagram or to their drama teacher depicting an activity they have been undertaking at home during lockdown. Videos need to be between 30 seconds and one minute long, and can depict more than one activity. Submit videos to your drama teacher or post on Instagram and tag @brummanahighschoolofficial. Deadline: April 7th. 

BOARD GAME CHALLENGE – For Grades 7 and 8, a challenge for students to design and build their own board game, and incorporating a theme from either Science, Maths, English or Social Studies. Email with submissions. Deadline: April 7th. Click here for complete challenge information. 

BUILD A ROLLING CAR (Completed) – Lower School students are invited to create a moving car (or other vehicle) using typical household items such as straws, card, wooden skewers, tape, glue or recycled packages. Email submissions to or post on Instagram and tag @brummanahighschoolofficial. Deadline: April 6th. More details on the challenge, as well as other activities, are available on Ms Tara’s blog

PAPER SHOE CHALLENGE – For Lower School students to develop their own shoe using only paper, card, tape and glue. Think about – how will the shoe stay on your foot? How can you make the design attractive? Email submissions to or post on Instagram and tag @brummanahighschoolofficial. Deadline: April 13th.

MARBLE RUN CHALLENGE – For Lower School students to design their own marble run from everyday household materials. Email submissions to or post on Instagram and tag @brummanahighschoolofficial. Deadline: April 20th. 

TRASH FASHION CHALLENGE – For both Lower and Upper School students to design the latest fashion clothing using old clothes and other items found in their homes. Email submissions to or post on Instagram and tag @brummanahighschoolofficial. Deadline: April 27th. 

EGG IN A BOTTLE CHALLENGE – Can you fit an egg into a bottle without breaking it? For all students, with parental supervision. Post your videos on Instagram and tag @brummanahighschoolofficial. Deadline: May 4th. 

REPRESENTING PEACE – For Upper School students to create and share artistic designs that represent peace, particularly important with BHS being a Quaker school and peaceful resolution as one of its core values. Post creations on Instagram and tag @brummanahighschoolofficial or email Deadline: May 11th.

PETS – Not exactly a ‘challenge’ but we would be very happy to see images and/or videos of students with their adorable animals at home! Post and tag the school on Instagram @brummanahighschoolofficial. Deadline: Ongoing. 

THE TOM YOUNG ART COMPETITION – For students in Grades 1 to 12, win an opportunity to spend the day with the British artist based in Lebanon, Mr Tom Young. The theme of the competition is contrasts and much more information is available on a separate website article here. Deadline: May 20th. 

MAKE YOUR OWN THERMOMETER – Who is able to create a thermometer at home? Please ensure parental supervision if younger grades are participating. Post and tag the school on Instagram @brummanahighschoolofficial. Deadline: May 18th. 

WHERE WOULD YOU GO? – If you could have one hour walking anywhere on earth, where would you go? For the whole-school community to comment on social media, both Instagram and Facebook. Posted: May 18th. 

RECORD YOUR IDEAS – For Secondary students to express themselves in the BHS Express Series. Students are invited to record a video (2 mins max.) and the style of TED X, as they are encouraged to express themselves on what matters to them or display a talent they would like to share. Post and tag the school on Instagram @brummanahighschoolofficial. Deadline: May 25th. 

PARALLEL UNIVERSE DRAWING – Draw a version of yourself that exists in a parallel universe. For the whole-school community. Post and tag the school on Instagram @brummanahighschoolofficial. Deadline: June 1st. 

PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION – For the whole-school community, this competition has been detailed in a separate website article here. Students, parents, staff and Old Scholars to take and share an image which represents the similarities between mother nature and human nature. The panel of judges includes a London-based photography professional. Deadline: June 15th (to coincide with World Nature Photography Day). 

TELL US WHERE YOU ARE NOW – For students and families to highlight where they are currently located in Lebanon and around the world! Invited to comment on Instagram and Facebook. Posted: June 15th.