SAT Scores March 2021

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

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Many students dread the SAT. It is a grueling 4-hour marathon of standardized testing that allows universities to determine aspects of admissions processes which help determine a student’s eligibility to a certain major course of study. With the pandemic having been in full swing for over a year now, BHS realized that this important test needed to be supported and, to that effect, created a study group class after school where 45 students from grades 10-12 took part to hone their skills in taking this test. On March 13, the official SAT test took place and BHS did not disappoint. With an average score of 1189 out 1600, we scored higher than the world average of 1163 which over 200,000 students across the world took part in achieving. Congratulations are in order for the hard work, perseverance, and “can do” mentality of our students and staff who made this score possible. Please click HERE for details.