Diana Deeb – Primary Section

We just want to say a BIG HUGE thank you for the amazing effort you are all putting in the last few months. The dedication, flexibility, long hours of work, organization, and above all the passion that your team is showing is impressive. 

Thank you for giving our children the best you can in such challenging uncertain times. 

We are very proud of BHS staff and we are extremely grateful to have educational leaders like you. 

Katia Achkar – Digital Campus

Thank you for this wonderful suggestion. We tried today altogether and it was a lot of fun. (Referring to a P.E. video activity during lockdown, March 2020)

Mme Hayek – French

Merci pour votre support en ligne, pour nous avoir aidé à encourager nos enfants à continuer leurs efforts et à garder le moral  haut. Et en plus hier, tous les livres étaient prêts dans un sac. Beaucoup d’efforts ont été mis pour assurer la sécurité de nos enfants. Vous avez fait plus que le nécessaire et j’ai dit ce message à mes deux enfants. (June, 2020)

Boarding Life (campbell)

In our time (1960s) there were about 300 boarding students, so this involved quite a number of teachers living on campus, house parents etc. So weekends frequently involved expeditions of various kinds, often in the mountains or the sea, and outside speakers on Sunday evenings. (Referring to 1960s, written June 2020)

Mrs Jocelyn Campbell
(wife of former Principal Duncan Campbell, former Chair and Trustee of QuIET)

Drama (arts, music) campbell

I am glad to see that drama is strengthening again… In ‘our’ day (1960s) the students loved performing Bernard Shaw’s plays. I should have photos somewhere of Louis Abu Habib (Ex mayor of Roumieh) and Na’amat Little (Baz)  performing in ‘Arms and the man’. (Referring to 1960s, written June 2020)

Mrs Jocelyn Campbell
(wife of former Principal Duncan Campbell, former Chair and Trustee of QuIET)

Digital Campus 3

“I have to express to you how pleased we were to see how quickly the BHS team was able to adjust to this “new normal”, ramping up online delivery of educational content to the children. We know of many schools where this did not take place…”

Wafaa Saliby Nakhleh, Parent

Digital Campus 2

“I would just like to commend you all on the great work you are all doing….we appreciate your efforts and the efforts of our teachers.”

Serene Musallam Farah, Parent and Old Scholar

Digital Campus 1

“We would like to thank you for starting the virtual classes of the infant section. Our daughter is very excited about it, it really changed her daily routine and she waits for those classes impatiently every day… they give some relief from the psychological stress our kids are enduring nowadays.”

Diala and Mouin Khanafer – Parents


Boarders – Suleiman Al-Aini – Nov. 2019

We have a new multi gym and the football field is under construction.
Not only that, but we have a new smart TV, chairs and couches.
The floor was renovated as well. We knew this was going to be a great year.
To live independently and amongst our dear friends is an experience we will come to cherish forever.
Life in boarding prepares us for the road ahead,
it has primed us with the necessary skills to grow independent and succeed in life.

STEM & Robotics Club

Our 20 young STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) & Robotics Club students have taken their first step on the path to shaping the future. Throughout the course of the 2018-2019 school year, students have learned a multitude of skills. Our main activity is learning the programming language Python, which is used by programmers to code robots. After learning the basics, students were given time to experiment on their own to see how they could use Python to solve math problems and print certain texts on a screen. Not only did they learn how programming languages are structured and used in real life, but students also learned about the STEM field and its applications in real life.Every few classes, students are given “game time,” in which they compete with each other in online games, with the instructor taking part as a competitor. The goal of this club is to develop the students’ curiosity, teach them how the STEM & Robotics world works, and ultimately, to apply all of what they learn to have some FUN!

Kevin Farhat (IB2) – Group Leader